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Natural Rearing
The Double Digit Club!

All these Naturally Reared Dogs are 10 years old, plus. Natural Rearing brings the promise of a longer lived, healthier dog.
a raw fed dogs and breeders barf
Natural Rearing
Behaven Shelties Silkseal's Angelface (Gabrielle)

Gabrielle is 11years, 7 months old “The most wonderful, wolf like Sheltie I have owned. We absolutely love her wild instinct side. When she had litters she was truly a magical mother in rearing skills!”
Soda & her daughter Nicey(both NR).
Soda is 11years 7 months old. Photo taken 2010,March

Lasair's Scotch & Soda (Soda). Shetland Sheepdog
(Behaven Shelties). Owners: Barb/Joy(retirement home & dear friend)

Soda is a joy to have; she is the "mother" to all puppies. All my pups migrate to her, Nicey was out of her last litter, born in
March 08.

Nicey had a litter of 5 pups this spring 2010. Our "Behaven's Lomu" is the sire. He is our Parvo survivor.

We have Mother, Daughter & grand kids(We kept a tri female.)
Oh, by the way, the music playing is "When I'm Sixty Four, by the Beatles! And 64 in human years is 12.75 in dog years.
NR from Birth

Age 12 - DOB 11/11/98

Ch. Remedi's Sodalite Sussex Spaniel

Remedi Sussex Spaniels Debbi Miller, owner
Leap doing her last agility run this past May...13 yrs 4 months.

“Leap is a border collie from herding lines, just months away from 14 years old and has been raw fed for the last 12 years. She was switched just before she turned two. She was diagnosed with less then 10% of the left hip and less then 20% of the right in the socket at 14 months old. Leap competed in herding till she was 4 and ran what was most likely her last competitive agility run at 13 yrs old in May 2010. She is not on any prescription drugs.

Unfortunately she had several puppy shots before I bought her (starting at 3 weeks old!) and I vaccinated till I learned better about two years later. Her first fatty tumor appeared around 3 yrs old.

Mitral valve issues appear in her line at about 8 yrs old. She was diagnosed at 9 but has remained off all meds even though she is now a grade 5. 

I know eating a natural diet, using chiropractic, acupuncture and avoiding drugs and vaccines all these years has allowed her to enjoy her life as she has in spite of her health issues. I know our time together is winding down but she has not lost one bit of her drive and zest for life!”

Photo taken on 10-01-2010

Maggie 11 years 8 months old.

This is Maggie our Basset Hound.  She was born 1-26-1999.
Check back often, more to come.
Rosie (Skylark’s Vermilion Rosea)

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

10 years old (born October 18, 2000)

Owned by Keryl
Name: Pash (Szolnoki Pasztor)  Age: 13 years, 10 months (DOB 30.11.96)

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla   Owner: Chrissie

Pash has been raw-fed for 11 years and had no vaccinations for the past 10 years. He has significant DJD, due to some conformational weaknesses and our mismanagement of him as a puppy (over exercised, overfed on processed food, vaccines, wormers), but he is nevertheless a great NR success as he has never required pain medication, remains mobile and alert with great stamina, has sweet breath, clean teeth, aromatic fur, no fatty lumps on his lean body and is generally a super easy keeper with a great zest for life! This is a beautiful example of how natural rearing can bring prolonged quality of life to a "damaged" body. He is a teacher dog, keeps 3 young Vizslas in check and inspires many!.
Johound Sebastian Bark
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Waccabuc Great Danes/Whippets – Betty Lewis

Shimmer, Whippet, turned 10 this year. She has been raw fed since birth.

Holly L. Sciscoe - Tip's Chihuahuas

Tipper 12 years, 5 months young and obviously still full of herself ;)
The "action" shots I included because they show how puppy-like she still is.

Tara  is a Whippet.  She is 10 yrs, will be 11 on Feb 5/11.  She won top Whippet at the UKC premier Top 10 competition at 8 years of age in 2008.  She is a multi-BISS & BIS winner. 
Roberta’s Dorian…

Ch. Lepus Dorian, FChX, RChS, ORM

Dorian is a Borzoi and is 10 years young.  Photo from Veterans competition.
Note: most Zoi live to 10 or under.
Roberta’s and Kim Russell's Shawdy…

Shawdy is an RR x Whippet she is 11.
Roberta’s Parker…

Parker is a JRT and is 15 & a half years young.  He is a bit “dirty” from digging holes….always the consummate ratter!
Roberta’s  Kim Russell's Finny…

Finny is the dark red brindle dog in the bed.  He is almost 15 years old (in Jan 11/11).
Marilyn’s Moose…

WV's BluRidge Mtn Magic Mushae "Moose" is 10 years young!  She has been a loyal companion, faithful counter surfer, and gave us a wonderful litter of 14 puppies.

I waited for 12 years to get my first Dane and she has been exactly what I had hoped and waited for! 

Owned and loved by Marilyn – PenDachs Dachshunds

Sam (CH. Lepus Sauron RCHX) is almost 11.  Sam is 4th generation NR.

In his "day", he day he was an accomplished running dog.  Although it has been many years since Sam raced competitively, he still enjoys a run through the woods although prefers to "smell the roses" a little more now.

He has an outstanding temperament and is a joy to live with.  Sammy is almost 11, he was born Feb 5, 2000

Stacey J. Cronyn
Luna is 10 years old and is 4th generation NR.  She has never been sick a day in her life and is as spry today as she was when she was a year old!
Luna was born October 14, 2000

Stacey J. Cronyn
Smotare Ibizan Hounds Ch. Rosenhill's Rugosa-Caporosso - "Rosso"  

Rosso has been Naturally Reared since he came to Smotare Ibizans when he was about 2 yrs. old.
The pictures were taken 9-10-2010 when he was 13 yrs. 7 months old.

Nancy Wissell
Cheyenne has been on a raw diet since she was 1 year old and will be 14 years old in Feb 2011.

The average life expectancy of Doberman's is only 8-10 years. I know she has done so well health-wise because of her raw diet. She has no arthritis, and some days still wants to play with our 2 Great Danes which are only 2 years of age and of course very playful.

Vicky’s 14 years young Siberian Husky Boy "Wolfman".

Although he has only been with Vicky for six years (and his years before that were horrible), he has turned into a huge sweetheart.  He has gone from not really liking people to the one who gives the most kisses out of all.  Since the very first day Wolfman has been Vicky’s snuggle bum. No vaccs and raw fed, he came to Vicky with heart disease and leukemia but is doing very well working with a great homeopath. 

“He has the energy of a five year old and eats like one too!   I am so lucky to have found him and am thankful every day to have him with me ~ Vicky”

Ellie, who turns 13 November 12, 2010! Not a gray hair on her chin, and she still fetches her Bumpers and goes for long walks. She won our National Specialty in 2007, nearly 10 years old, in an entry of over 120 Tollers!

Officially she's: ATCH BISS Ch. Berdia's Electra Ice Storm CD WCI JH AGI US-WC RE-CARO

Laura Norie
Dalry Duck Tollers
Way Up North in Quesnel
Beautiful British Columbia
All that good food and exercise keeps 'em young.  Raw fed since 99 (Phoenix since he was 15 mos. when I rescued him).

Patty and the Shelties
Renee’s Wiley Wizard born May 15 1996.  He is 15 will turn 16 in May. He was cold turkeyed to raw at 6 months old when I got him. As you all can see his coat is still beautiful--my vet can't believe how nice his teeth are. Wizz still walks with me at least 4 x week for like 2 hours. We do just meander but he always breaks into a trot. The one in the snow was our last storm in beginning of Feb this yr (2012). The one of him swimming was back in April of last yr.

Not bad for a old man. He sure has hiked the miles with me.

Tucker - Pinecrest Tuxedo of Tae  AKC/ASCA CD  ~  DOB Aug. 15, 1997 (15)   (Black Tri)

Suni - Calais' Carolina Suni  ASCA CD   ~  DOB Nov. 15, 1999  (13) (Red Merle)
Eve, a 48 pound Chow/Siberian Husky cross, is my matriarch dog. She was my first dog ever and my 20th birthday present to myself. She was 5 months old. She's been with me through hell and back more than once and pretty much taught me everything I know about dogs. I switched to natural rearing, including a 100% prey model raw diet, when she was 1 year old. She will be 13 May 1st, 2012, and while she has slowed down a bit and is quite gray around the muzzle, she is still going strong, hiking, protecting her domain from intruders both 2 and 4 legged, and ruling the pack with an iron paw.

Anna and Co.

Thunder Mountain Central Asian Shepherd Dogs www.thundermountaincas.com Woodruff, SC

Darby is totally Naturally Reared and brought in two NR Scottish Terrier Litters. She is one of the most easy going Scotties I have ever known. Darby loves people was a great dam to her litters and is exceptionally healthy. I am very confident she will be around for many more years to come.

Kathleen - KC Scottish Terriers