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HISTORY: Originally recognized and registered as English Coonhounds until 1946, at which time they were registered as a separate breed.  Bluetick Coonhounds are descendants of English Foxhounds with the addition of blood from French hounds.  French hounds were known to have cold noses (they were good on old tracks) and used on large game.  George Washington received 5 French hounds from General Lafayette.

APPEARANCE: The Bluetick Coonhound should be that of a speedy, well-muscled individual, not clumsy, or chunky.  Body should be neat, coat glossy, head carried well but not goose necked. Eyes clear and keen, Tail carried gaily above back, not curled or dropped between the legs.  Feet round and well padded.  A pleading hound expression, not wild or cowering, the Blue-Tick should be active, ambitious, and speedy on a trail.

COLOR: Preferred color is a dark blue, thickly mottled body, spotted by various shaped black spots on back ears and sides.  Preference is to more blue than black on the body.  Black with head predominant, also ears.  Tan dots over eyes and on cheeks with a dark red tickling on feet and lower legs below body line, on chest and below tail.
off colors are not permitted.

VOICE: Blueticks have a sweet voice.  They should have a medium bawl when active on a trail.  Relatively quiet but can be loud and obnoxious if not trained properly.

SIZE: Adult males 22-27 inches at the shoulder - Females 21-25 inches at the shoulder.  Weight - Males 55-80lbs Females 45-60lbs

Personality/Temperament:  Friendly, happy, easygoing and can be very laid back.  Very good with kids and other dogs.
Can be great with cats and small animals if trained and socialized properly.   Like all breeds you have variations in breeding lines.  Blueticks should never be shy nor aggressive.

Well bred, well socialized, and with proper nutrition a Bluetick can be a joy to own.  They are low energy, low maintenance with a great personality.  Not clingy but loves to cuddle.  Can be easy to house-train, not destructive.  Loves to sleep and spends a lot of time doing so. 

However - a poorly bred, poorly trained Bluetick can be a breed of reckoning!  They can be difficult to house train, uncontrollable in the home, very stubborn and hard to train.

Exercise requirements: Needs free exercise with several multiple mile hikes at least 3 times a week.  Can be a great apartment dog if given plenty of exercise.

Health: Relatively healthy with no known specific issues other than what is typical of all pure breed dogs.  It is recommended to purchase from breeders that health test according to breed club guidelines.

Lifespan - Average lifespan for a Bluetick Coonhound is 12 years

Registries - UKC and currently in AKC misc. group.