Gone But Never Forgotten
Their Legacy Lives On

Naturally Reared Dogs who were with   us ten years and longer.
NT.CH  and CAN CH. Vonhapsburg's Moonlight Sonata

Born Jan.15, 1999 to Sept.14th 2010

A very special girl who was both fearless and gentle. She was the epitome of what a Great Dane should be,
both in her character and build.

Selina was a wonderful mother, who naturally whelped 22 puppies in 2 litters, she taught all of them well!

Selina never saw kibble or a vaccine, she was a truly NR dog.

She loved life and her "basketball" which she had from puppyhood.

She had a real sense of humor, she loved to jump up and nip my nose - that was how she showed affection and
I accepted it as that was just "Selina".

Selina helped pioneer the "Natural Rearing" method and was also a true ambassador for the breed!

Until we meet again - Love her mom  Sandra
Our Jess 18 Oct 1995 - 23 July 2010
Homebred Bearded Collie

A Princess all her life long and the proud Matriarch of our Kennel

First to meet and greet any visitors to Talraz, she reluctantly retired from the show ring at age 12 and a half following a successful career - including five visits to Crufts, gaining 2 x 1st (Best Veteran Bitch in Breed 2005), 2 x 2nds and a 4th

Always admired for her beautiful coat and movement, Jess was a great all-rounder with a loyal heart and a sometimes clownish sense of humor, and won many friends during her long and happy life.
The Pawprints in the Sand are from Isis aka Nora
Taz was my first Scottish Terrier. She was full of spunk and attitude, loved life and greeted each new day with excitement. I did not begin Natural Rearing until Taz was around six but even with that NR obviously was of great benefit to her longevity and quality of life. Taz lived a full and wonderful 15 years and never had a sick day in her entire life.

Taz was my first Scottie and now I would not be without Scottish Terriers in my life.
Cedar,   12/29/1997 – 9/23/2010

(12 years, 9 months)

Cedar was our first dog to live over 10 years! He was a wonderful Golden Retriever who loved life and loved to share his life with all of us.  Keryl
Bailey-Ch. Liska The Wandering Minstrel CD (02/03/92-April/2007)

Bailey came came from kibble fed, vaccinated parents and received vaccinations as a pup.

I bought him at 11 weeks old and he was raw fed, vaccine free since then.  He had skin issues, seasonal allergies etc.which I treated with a good air cleaner & raw & no vaccines.

Bless their wee hearts (see Tweed below). Oh, to have bought them before the puppy jabs! We do feel that both Bailey and Tweed lived longer & healthier with their issues with me than in the conventional world.

Barb - Behaven Shelties
Tweed-Liska Ain't Miss Behaven(02/02/95-03/21/09)

Tweed also came from kibble fed, vaccinated parents and received vaccinations as a pup.

I brought her home at 8 weeks old and she was raw fed, vaccine free since then.

Tweed was epileptic & hypothyroid - directly related to vaccinations & background - no doubt!

I treated her naturally for epilepsy. Her pups with Bailey (previous photo above) were all OK & naturally reared.

Found out she was hypothyroid after her pups were born. She had one bout of epilepsy at 5 years old.

At such a young age that we thought it was a dehydration thing! NOT! Monitored all 3 litters-all Ok!! First litter is 12+ years old now.

Barb - Behaven Shelties
Laba’s Franky Baby – March 1988 to April 2004.

Franky is the fawn & white IG in the foreground (the two brindle & white dogs are whippets Echo & Sid) 

“Franky” came to us at 4 years of age as a rescue dog.  He had many health issues at the time, including kidney infection, bladder infection, bad teeth, heart murmur (grade 4), and epilepsy (grand mal seizures).  He was immediately switched to NR, no more vaccines or antibiotics, completely raw diet.  Within 8 weeks of living here, he stopped having seizures (and never had another one), the infections cleared up, and Franky lived to 16 + years in glorious good health, other than he had gone blind at 13 due to cataracts.   The cataracts were likely genetic/epigenetic as many dogs from his lines had old age onset cataracts.   It didn’t stop him and he was pretty feisty right up until the day he died.   

This is Yeti.  Borzoi Ch. Lepus Abominable Snowman Feb 24, 1992 – April 25, 2003

Yeti was a Multi-Breed, Multi-Group placing Borzoi. Yeti made the Veteran "rounds" as an “oldster”.  At the 1999 Gazehound Ontario Sighthound Specialty Show he won Veteran Dog, was cut for the Breed, received Best Veteran in Breed and proceeded to be awarded Best Veteran in Sighthound Specialty Show!  He was also exhibited at the 1999 Borzoi Club of Canada National Specialty Show in the Veteran Sweepstakes where he won Best Veteran male and then went on to receive Best Veteran in Sweepstakes. At 10 years of age, he still remained fit & sound, with a smooth, flawless side gait that would put young Borzoi to shame!

Yeti was bred when he was 10 years of age.  There were 10 puppies in that litter.

Sadly, our wonderful Yeti dog passed away April 25th, 2003 of acute kidney failure.  We miss our big boy but he definitely passed on much of his personality to his son Dorian.  Whenever we look at the son, we fondly remember the father…..(see Dorian on the Double Digit Club page: http://aunaturelk9s.com/oldernaturallyreareddogs.html)

All these NR dogs lived long lives with vitality and zest. Our dogs are an example of the benefits of Natural Rearing. Nature not Science will provide longevity with quality of life.
Jytte’s Zoe…

Zoe, first Rhodesian Ridgeback, naturally reared from 5.5 years, managed to live until 13 years 8 months, despite health issues (Hypothyroidism from the age of 2) caused by over vaccination and processed rubbish. She was just 13 in this photo, walking on the Northumberland hills, she could still do an hours walk, almost up to the end, despite injured front feet through chasing squirrels and slipping, at 12 years old !  I feel Zoe certainly wouldn't have lived so long if I had continued in a conventional manner.
May 18, 1994 to Oct 13, 2006

Willie finished SIX titles in the short span of 2 1/2 years, before the age of 3 1/2! Willie was always known as such a great ambassador for the breed.   Here are just some of his accomplishments:

1995 through 2005  Multi-BOB Conformation - 1995 -   Group 1st, Barrie Kennel Club - 1996 -   SBOB Whippet Conformation, Greyhound Club of Canada Sighthound Specialty Field Trial/Conformation Show

#1 Eastern Canada Oval Race Whippet (NOTRA) - 1997 - #1, Undefeated CARA Straight Race Whippet -  #2 CARA Oval Race Whippet -  #1 All Breed CARA Combined Events -  #3 Iron Dog Whippet - 1ST Sighthound to achieve a CARA Race Champion Excellent title - Greyhound Club of Canada Sighthound of the Year - 1998 - #2 CARA Oval Race Whippet

#1 CARA Straight Race Whippet -  #1 All Breed CARA Combined Events
1999 - #1 CARA Oval Race Whippet -  #1 CARA Straight Race Whippet -
#1 CARA All Breed Combined Events
2000 - #3 CARA Oval Race Whippet -  #1 CARA Straight Race Whippet
#1 CARA All Breed Combined Events
2001 - #6 CARA Oval Race Whippet -  #3 CARA Straight Race Whippet
#5 CARA All Breed Combined Events
2002 - #8 CARA Oval Race Whippet -  #3 CARA Straight Race Whippet
#5 CARA All Breed Combined Events

2004 - At 10+ years of age, Willie attained his RChX6 title!

Also at 10+ years of age, Willie was Best Overall Iron Dog Veteran (BOS over Specials at the Sighthound Specialty,  Veteran Dog Specialty Lure Course, 7th of 14 on Straights and 8th of 12 on Ovals!)  Not bad for an oldie but goodie! 

2005 -   At 11+ years of age, Willie went Best Veteran and AWARD OF MERIT at the WCEC Whippet Specialty in August. 
He was handled by his Junior Handler, Tamara Foley (she was 10 years of age).

September 10th, CASA Sighthound Specialty Show, Richmond , Ontario , Willie went BVIS, BOB from the VETERANS class, Best Veteran In Specialty Show.  This was a phenomenal, unprecedented win for a dog well into his 12th year.

2006 -   July 15th, Whippet Club of Eastern Canada Specialty Show, Milton , Ontario , Willie went Best Veteran in Sweeps and again In Specialty Show.  He turned 12 two months previous to this.  He biked 3 to 5 kms a few times a week (MORE than willingly) and begged to straight race a weekend prior to this show, finishing each and every program without hesitation). 

His achievements spoke volumes...Willie was a phenomenally sound athlete with incredible drive and consistency. 

He had an awesome temperament...and was always the consummate gentleman.  He loved children, even thouge was never raised with them.  He was a trooper in the Junior Handling ring and never complained.  Willie was bredto one of our females in the Spring of 2004 and produced a lovely litter of 6 puppies.

Willie passed away on Friday October 13th, 2006.  He died in his mom's arms in the field he loved SO much, and is sorely missed.

Bev’s Princess Emmaline of Bluespirit... the only dog we ever owned to live over the age of 10. 7/17/2000-7/31/2010

Everyone always commented on how well she smelled and how clean she was but she was never bathed in her entire life. From 7.5 weeks when she refused to leave here after a visit from the breeder with the rest of the litter, she ate raw, had no vaccines, no preventatives.

She was an exceptionally gentle creature who loved all comers... animals, puppies, people of all ages. She would share her food, bones, water, toys and us... not so kind/patient with sheep though.

Miss Emma adored my husband even though it was me that fed, watered and trained her. She never had a litter of puppies but played surrogate mom to any puppy visiting us.

Her favourite playmate was a pit bull gal. They would tear around the yard but never got grumpy with each other.
Jytte’s Tina…

Tina, the Border Terrier never had any health issues, just accident prone!  She was just 13 in the photo.

She lived until 13 years 9 months, but had something wrong in her head/brain and went into a fatal seizure in the end. She still walked for a couple of hours, and ate well up to then. She was naturally reared from 3.5 years, being 2 years younger than Zoe (see Zoe above).
Judi’s Sarah Jane…

Sarah Jane was fed raw and vaccine free from the age of 4.  She was a product of a puppy mill and I was the lucky lady who brought her home.  She was born on the 20th of Nov.. 1997 and crossed over on July 19, 2010.  Sarah Jane was exceptionally healthy for her age but.....it was a genetic flaw that ended her life.
CarolAnn’s Kali 15 years

My beautiful Kali was naturally reared from the time we got her at 14 weeks of age.  Even though longevity was not in her lines she made it to 14 years with vibrant health to the last few days of her life.  Always admired for her slick coat and graceful gait she was truly an ambassador for the breed, gentle to a fault and intelligent beyond belief.  She taught us so much.  Until we meet again, Love you always. Mom, Dad and Maddie
Cirrus was raw-fed from puppyhood and only received one set of puppy shots. In his 11 action-filled years he was never ill, not so much as a snuffle, despite moving across continents. He was my agility partner and first show dog.

Cirrus was my heart dog - so sensitive, intuitive, gentle and an incredible healer, which I believe led to his hemangiosarcoma. Despite the devastation this wreaked upon his organs he presented as a dog many years his juniorand remained gloriously fit, shiny, energetic and happy until he passed most peacefully and effortlessly. A superb11 years thanks to natural rearing!

From Chrissie and the Vitali Vizslas